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Someone was just too engrossed waving to Starlights ㅋㅋㅋ

wonsik ..

don’t be too good to me, you put me in pain

Kpop CD Christmas Giveaway! ;D


Hey guys so since Christmas is coming up and I’ve decided I want to get rid of most of my kpop cds (I have too many) I thought I’d do a Christmas giveaway for my followers. :D
I love you guys and I want to bring some extra happiness to some people who are going to get a lot more…

When you're presenting but something else comes up...

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VIXX - Error [LeoBin Ver]

( Error x Blossom Tears MV )

Request: Girl’s Day Minah’s Sweatshirt


Request: Girl’s Day Minah’s Sweatshirt

girls day minah airport fashion kpop girls day minah airport fashion kpop

Requested by: noell

On October 10, Girl’s Day were seen at Incheon Airport as they caught a flight to China. The group was set to perform at the ix25 Star Concert in Guangzhou later that evening. A Kfashionista reader was interested in more details on Minah‘s airport fashion for this trip. She could be seen wearing a black New Era X Sesame Street Sweatshirt ($77). The shirt takes the word…

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it was my request, thank you kfashionista ;o;

[!] Girl’s Day’s new album will be in a form of a card. 1st of its kind.


There will be 5 ballad tracks. 4 of them are Show You, Look At Me, White Day, I Don’t Mind & White Day. 1 will be new.

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ヽ(♡‿♡)ノTaekook in 10Asia photoshoot!♥

hungry puppy youngji in roommate preview

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